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20x PTZ IP


ZEXOCCTV is an organization that offers different administrations, including security arrangements, to the two organizations and individuals. Our primary objective is to put resources into excellent items and take advantage of our assets with the goal that we can convey extraordinary support of our clients.


We give an extensive variety of bleeding edge, trustworthy, and great items and arrangements, including CCTV Surveillance System, Access Control System, Video Door Phone, 4G Router, Wireless Devices, Dome Cameras, CCTV Cameras, Sim Cameras, Sim Routers (IR Dome, Weather Proof, Speed Dome, and C-Mount Cameras), All Housings, and all connected accomplices to the field of CCTV.





It is a valuable chance to change a trustworthy shut circuit TV in banking and cash related establishments to foil them against shortcomings.

Get our CCTV system put in at your home and upset any unsought burglrs making an undertaking to enter your property while not your consent.

With our completely included CCTV foundation organizations, we try to discard the power fierceness to approach a strong work space.




Oil and Gas objections are generally speaking remote and disengaged with assets spread across huge districts and various regions. Such testing regions require an adroit, solid and proactive method for managing security. From waterfront treatment offices, plants and pipelines to marine vessels and stages offshore, Oil and Gas organizations are unquestionably the most perilous circumstances. Unforgiving environment, incredible temperatures.

One of the most essential endeavor parts is Hospitality or health care which needs extreme prosperity and perception arrangements.Security and prosperity at clinical benefits workplaces are huge for both quality clinical benefits and public prosperity. Crisis facilities and focuses are a safe space for those in physical or near and dear need, and dynamically seen as a place of refuge if there should be an occurrence of an immense extension emergency, for instance, a disastrous occasion or manipulator attack. Challenges and Solutions

India’s monetary region is at present regarded at Rs 81 trillion (US$ 1.31 trillion). Moreover, might perhaps transform into the fifth greatest monetary industry on earth by 2020.The embodiment of Indian banking has changed all through the long haul. Banks are as of now reaching the larger part with advancement to work with more essential straightforwardness of correspondence, as trades are brought out through the Internet and phones. This has made the necessity for banks to meet their clients’ essentials for security in an exceptional way on many levels.




All through the long haul, the amount of vehicles on the roads has extended close by the augmentation of courses. Likewise, subsequently, there is a dead serious requirement for making dynamic structures to manage traffic stream and assurance road security. ALBRYINDIA brings an extent of insightful traffic deals with serious consequences regarding rout such conditions. Considering IoT and AI, our responses ensure secured and smooth improvement for transport. ALBRYINDIA perception systems offer reasonable vehicle following and researching for clear information of episodes. Ideal for metropolitan circumstances, ALBRYINDIA canny traffic courses of action help with ensuring prosperity and security of vehicles and occupants.

India’s vehicle region is gigantic and different; it takes exceptional consideration of the prerequisites of 1.1 billion people. Extraordinary genuine organization in the metropolitan and natural locales is essential for monetary turn of events. Since the mid 1990s, India’s creating economy has seen a rising famous for transport establishment and organizations. India has a wide association of transport through ports, street associations, rail lines and air terminals. While this drives business later on, industry really should take the necessary steps to protect and shield transportation associations and structures.

Informational grounds present various fascinating challenges concerning security. School grounds incorporate an arrangement of designs, each with their own security needs. Grounds observation cameras can go about as a visual obstruction to bad behavior, for instance, eve pushing, irritating, ragging, mutilating of property, etc and go about as a significant gadget, allowing students to wander under the safeguarded watch of grounds reconnaissance cameras.


You think and act for everything, but we will take care of your safety, our top aim is to keep your secure, we are taking a step in the right direction for your safety


We have gotten through particular help company for inconvenience terminating of any sort of specific issue and settling network complexity and connected with establishment and designs of IP cameras. we generally attempt to recognize the base of the issue and give pertinent outcomes to the stoner. we’ve tone help direction an imformative videos which assist our visitors with applying result and comprehend the items specific Aspects genuinely smoothly.